why minimalism is not just “for rich people.”


a few weeks ago, i was talking with a friend of mine when minimalism came up. she knew that i have been going the minimalist route for the past six months or so, and asked me why i would want to do that. i explained my reasons – less stuff means i have less clutter, less to clean, less to buy and maintain – and she responded, “but minimalism is only for rich people, and you’re not rich.”

all right, let’s break this down.

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small steps are still steps


first post and a background to this blog

most people will tell you that they are pursuing a minimalist lifestyle in order to simplify, slow down, declutter, and in general, not letting stuff – or the pursuit of it – get in the way of living their lives. these are all profoundly good reasons to move towards minimalism, and i certainly identify with all of those things and more.

but there’s another reason, too.

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